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Korrel welding service has been an expert in the field of TIG welding technology for 35 years, including the pre- and post-process operations. We have been IWS for 20 years VTw-2 certified and our certificates are tested annually.


Korrel welding service is a specialist in manufacturing and finishing small series of high-quality welding solutions. We produce unique, missing and/or replacement parts made to measure in different material types (stainless steel/aluminum/titanium).

Complex and high-quality welding technology

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Korrel welding service is a specialist in all forms of welding techniques, especially TIG welding. With our high-quality existing and specially developed machines we can apply the most complex welding techniques. Our innovative strength is devising and implementing, for example, an optimal industrialized workflow. This ensures a fast turnaround and a high-quality, consistent product.


Our expertise:

  • TIG welding/semi-automatic TIG welding/certified

  • Orbital welding certified

  • Plasma TIG welding

projects for
the industry

Pre- and post-processing in-house

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Korrel welding service takes care of the necessary mechanical pre- and post-processing entirely in-house.

  • Saws (330mmx330mm)

  • Drilling (stepless with offset of 1000mm Bed 600mmx300mm)

  • Milling (ISO 3 digital, tool changer Bed 1000mmx300mm 5 sides in one setup)

  • Turning (digital readout, turning diameter 400mm, max 1500mm long)

  • Preparing weld seams with various beveling machines

  • Perform bending work up to 25mm with a precision bending machine

  • Polishing

  • Pickling and passivation

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Blasting/satinizing with gloss beads (Ra>0.4)

  • Electrolytic polishing (small series/single pieces)


High-pressure pipe for the food industry. This is a test weld, with pipe size 48.3 and wall thickness of 5 mm, manually welded in 3 layers.

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Korrel welding service works for high-quality industries and provides specialist services and products. We work for the nuclear, (bio)pharmaceutical, petrochemical, hydrogen and dairy and food industries.

- Contact
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Cok Korrel

Director, IWS and VTw-2

06 - 531 400 59


Judith Korrel-Zuidervaart

Office manager

00 31 6 - 346 333 53


Gieltjesdorp 15, 3628 EK Kockengen Utrecht, The Netherlands


Chamber of Commerce number 30103420
VAT number NL001517592B24
IBAN NL 34 RABO 0304 6164 00

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