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Welding consultations
for targeted

Complex and high-quality welding techniques require premium knowledge and skills. Korrel lasconsults inspects, advises and supervises the engineering.

Korrel lasconsults offers you advice and a number of targeted services that are clear and objective. We also provide a number of targeted services, such as inspecting welding work, providing training and education and mediating in disputes. We also guide engineering issues.

- Advice
- Inspection
- Engineering
- Mediation

and a clear advice

Korrel lasconsults offers open and transparent advice, for example in finding the right approach to a technical or organizational challenge. We advise you on your workshop design, the purchase of better equipment and the latest techniques that will save you time and costs. We are also specialists in optimizing your work processes.


These work processes include advice on preparing weld seams and cleaning the materials. Assembling and/or creating smart welding jigs and using the correct welding sequence also saves a lot of time and increases continuous quality.

Objective and independent

If you need an independent objective welding inspector, you will find one at Korrel lasconsults. We have been IWS and VTw-2 certified for 20 years. We check whether the welding work has been carried out in accordance with the rules and standards and within the specifications and any additional wishes of your customer. If the regulations require this, we will provide additional tests. Possibly with the help of external NDT agents and endoscopy.


You will always receive objective feedback from us. This can help you improve your processes even further. Because the quality of welding does not only depend on the welder himself, but also the equipment and the procedures followed have a major influence on this.

High-quality innovation
and engineering

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Korrel lasconsults is known in the market as an innovation expert. We take care of your engineering with a down-to-earth and practical approach. We find effective solutions to a wide range of challenging technical problems. Especially if there is no conventional solution available, we look for an efficient approach.

We always look at the entire process. Not only to be able to properly anticipate the effects of a solution within the entire system. But also because the answer to a problem often comes within reach by breaking an existing pattern of approach. Sometimes the solution lies in specially designing one or more components. Within the Korrel group we can do this in-house so that the lines remain short and clear.

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- Training
- Contact
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Cok Korrel

Director, IWS and VTw-2

00 31 6 - 531 400 59


Judith Korrel-Zuidervaart

Office manager

00 31 6 - 346 333 53


Gieltjesdorp 15, 3628 EK Kockengen Utrecht The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce number 30103420
VAT number NL001517592B24
IBAN NL 34 RABO 0304 6164 00

Objective mediation in disputes

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You do everything you can to prevent it. But sometimes you are faced with a dispute about the quality and delivery of a project. In such a situation, rest is necessary. That is the time to call on the expertise of Korrel lasconsults as an objective mediator. We listen to parties and investigate complaints. So that it is clear to everyone involved how the dispute arose, whether the complaint is justified and how it will be resolved and prevented in the future.

and additional training

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Do you have the right people in the right place? What are their (hidden) talents and what training may be needed to develop and safeguard those qualities? Korrel lasconsults can help you with this. We advise you with your training and further training, this can be done internally at your company or within the possibilities and facilities of Korrel lasconsults.

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